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What is resourcing and why do we do it in therapy?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022


  1. an asset that can be drawn upon in order to function effectively

  2. an action or strategy that can be drawn on in adverse circumstances

It is quite normal that when clients come to me for therapy, they are suffering alot of distress, have past issues that they know they want to talk about and process or are feeling numb and out of touch with themselves and life. In one way or another there is alot of difficulty that they are bringing.

Where do we take that difficulty so that it may land and be digested and integrated in a way that is helpful and healing? In a way that leads to the settling, resolution and feeling more freedom and aliveness that we are looking for when we come to therapy?

That is where resourcing comes in.

Imagine allowing your eyes to travel around the room where you are now and letting them settle on something that feels good or neutral even. Allow your eyes to settle and begin to take in the simple experience of the colour, texture, shape or quality of what you are looking at. Can you be there with a sense of receiving what you are in contact with? Are you able to pause for some breaths, perhaps slowing down a little to allow the experience to sink in.

Are you able to notice any changes happening in your body, perhaps a sense of relaxation, a slowing of the pace of life, a spontaneous breath coming along, a landing in yourself. Maybe none of these but a little respite from activation?

Orienting to this outer sense of something good or neutral and noticing what it brings to your inner experience is an example of resourcing.

It means bringing some sense of settledness, goodness or neutrality to your experience so that when we come to process the painful stuff we have somewhere helpful to go to.

It means building your capacity to find settledness, goodness or neutrality within when that may not have been your experience.

It means being able to resolve the past by bringing it into a place of 'safe enough' in the here and now ....

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