My Expertise and Life Experience and is here to help you.

The path to inner contentment, empowerment and successful relationship is one I know very well myself.  I too have stood at the point of needing help from a therapist or teacher and felt the nerves, dread and hesitation of taking the first step.  Through the support of skilled and compassionate professionals however, I have learned how to live life based so much more on the now rather than the hurt of the past.  When I look at life back then and life now the change is so enormous. 


Something that hasn't changed in me is my great sensitivity as a HSP (highly sensitive person).  I would not want it any other way.  Nowadays, I see my journey with these aspects of myself to be a gift that I can share with others through my work and in the way I occupy my corner of the world.  It is the way I can be with you in a gentle and compassionate way.


I have so much gratitude for the love and goodness in my life today.



My own personal healing and growth with the therapists that helped me to find my way proved to be such a turning point that I took part in the three year therapist training myself and I qualified in 2013 in New Zealand where I lived for a total of eighteen years.

Since then, my professional learning and my fascination for human life has never ceased.  

Living in New Zealand has brought me an appreciation of a slower pace of life and a spaciousness that comes from living in a place where nature has the upper hand.  I carry that sense of space and of nature with me still and I believe it informs my work. 

Walking and being in nature is a great healer and support for me.  In 2016 I walked the 500 mile pilgrimage route, The Camino in Spain. I know in my bones that we can get a long way if we take one step at a time.  I know that we need to go at the right pace without pushing - slower when the way becomes more uphill.  I know that the world is full of kind people that help us at the right moment.  All these thing are good knowledge and experience for therapy too.

My own life experience, being a highly sensitive person (HSP), together with my numerous trainings in areas of psychotherapy and relating means that I am able to hold you in a space for your own growth and support, one where you go at the right pace for you and where a feeling of safety is the absolute top priority.   

As a practitioner and in my life, I get to choose and live a culture that I create, that I work to maintain and that is aligned with my values.  Goodness, relationship, integrity, love and connection are my priorites. This is the space I invite you into as a client.

Please be in touch about a Free Introductory Call if you feel I might be able to help you, Grace


Grace is one of those rare and precious beings who lives according to her deep inner knowing rather than the external pressures of how one "should" or "ought" to be. For anyone seeking to explore a new relationship to themselves and the world, she offers a luminous beacon of light.

Grace combines the wisdom and maturity of a life well lived, with the awe and wonder of an innocent child. She imbues sensitivity and exudes sensuality. She embodies the warmth of welcome and open-minded acceptance, with the congruence of clear boundaries and communication. If you spend time with her, you are truly "touched by Grace".

Gayatri Beegan