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Relationship & Intimacy 


Loving relationship and intimacy that is fulfilling is a deeply held longing for most people.  It is also an area of life that can bring us our greatest challenges


We come into life through relationship and yet there is no school or teaching when we are growing up about how to be in relationship with each other.  Many of us have had upbringings that are far from inspirational or downright harmful.  We are left without guidance about some of the most important aspects of life.  It is no wonder we can flounder and have problems connecting with each other.

How about if we slow all this down and find out about what is really going on?


  • What are the dynamics between you that are playing out over and over again?

  • What have you learnt about relating so far that might not be leading to the connection you really want?


  • How can you get through to each other when things are so difficult?

  • What are the ways in which you are getting stuck or left feeling unsatisfied in intimacy?

  • How do you find what you really want outside of what you think should be happening?

Relationship and sexuality are two areas of life where powerful change and healing can take place that impacts the whole of your life. 

Coming to couples therapy can be even more daunting that therapy as an individual.  You don't know what your partner is going to say.  You may be afraid the usual fight is going to take over.  You may be afraid I won't be able to help you or that I take sides and blame all the problems on you.  It's alot, isn't it?

Creating a place where you can do things differently than you've been doing is one of the main aims in therapy.  This talk therapy can help you to:

  • slow things down so you can have space to find out what's really going on.

  • talk your way through what you are experiencing and find new ways of relating.

  • release old emotions from past hurts.

  • explore what it is like to be curious about pleasure.

  • find each other in ways that you long for but that might seem far away right now.

If you are feeling curious, wondering how this might support you and you would like to take this a step further then please get in touch here.  

I look forward to meeting you, Grace


Two clients talk about their experience:


"I felt your guidance very calming which allowed me to explore my experiences in a place of safety and security allowing me to look forward to the future with clarity.

This left me feeling calm and relaxed with a sense of hope looking forward that I can take what I've been through and look at it in a different light - what has it taught me and that I don't need to hold on to it - it has served its purpose/had its time.  It's now time to move on"  Kate

"I feel very comfortable in Grace's company and am able to quickly enter the zone.  Grace explains the sessions well and is gentle with her approach.  The talking flowed and the questions were reflective.  It was good to reflect at the end.  Thank you"  Hannah

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