Guidance and Support for Individuals and People in Relationship.


The way you are experiencing life now is not set in stone. You can learn to live feeling more nourished, alive and connected on your own terms. Yes, that’s right – happier, freer and more contented. 

Here is a place to learn and begin to experience a life knowing that you have choice and the possibility to create in line with who you really are and not who you think you have to be.


I hold a space where I know you can move beyond your current situation. My role is to guide, support and work together with you starting from where you are now.


Together, we work to get in touch with feelings and old patterns that are holding you back and build new experiences in a way that stretches you but does not overwhelm.  We always work at your pace with your agreement coming first.  There is room to include the fears and hesitations that are a natural part of stepping outside your comfort zone.  Your curiosity, your willingness and your vulnerability are key ingredients.

My work is a gentle and effective process where you include not only the thoughts about life but the feelings and emotions too.  It happens in a gentle, doable way.  It happens so that you are empowered in creating your life the way you want it.  This is not about a sticking plaster, telling the story or applying techniques.   It is experiential and life changing.


How that looks in sessions.


Sessions are ideal in person and work well online as well.


Sessions for individuals cost £60 per hour

Sessions for couples cost £120 for 90 minutes

Reduced rates are available.  Please contact me about this.


We start by finding out what brings you here and getting really clear about what we are working towards.   If you come as a couple there will be space to hear from each of you from your own perspective of how things are.  Likely there will be one of you who is more keen than the other about this work.  There will be as much space for both of you as you need.


Once we know where you want to go, we work together as a partnership. You are the expert on you and I have my skills and awareness to help you.  

While the story of what has brought you to this point in your life is important, it is the current impact of that story that matters.  That is why we focus on the feelings and emotions that are happening in the here and now and help them to resolve to bring you more clarity and more life in the present moment.

Take a moment to imagine life beyond the challenge you are facing now.  How would you really like things to be?  Can you imagine this is possible for you?  I hope so.  

I have a simple process for you to find out if I am the right person to help you. 


If you have any questions, please contact me.


A free video call is also available where you will be able to meet me, get a feel for who I am and ask questions all for free and with no obligation.  The first step is to click on the button below and contact me for this free discovery video call.  We can talk about why you are looking for support and I will be able to share with you my ideas for moving ahead.  Then, if you feel that I can help you, we can begin your journey.


I work in a comfortable and private space that is easy to find with ample parking outside.

I look forward to hearing from you, Grace