Who are my clients? 
What are you looking for? 


Deep down you know there a better life waiting to be set free .....


Consider for a moment all the life you have lived and in particular the troubles you have experienced and are experiencing now.  Somewhere along the way, you got lost and found yourself suffering, in pain and needing help out of your current situation.  You want things to be different and you recognise that you need someone who can help you find your way.​

If you look back, was there was a time when you knew how you wanted things to be even if you didn't know how to get there?  Time went by and you found yourself here but I believe the flame inside you still burns for the life you really want to live. 

Isn't it time for a reset?  Can you feel yourself nodding in agreement inside?  Can you feel your longing?


Can you also feel that you have all these stories going on about how you can't have things as you want or that it's too difficult, too scary and so on? 


This is what I can help you explore.  You are someone who wants or needs support to help you get from where you are now to somewhere more easeful, somewhere beyond this difficulty, somewhere that you look back on with utter relief that you are not there any more.  You are someone who has the courage to step towards that life that the you inside is waiting for.  

No matter how you see your shape in gender, sexuality, race or neurodiversity you are welcome.  Please contact me to see if we are a fit to work together,