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Being with and evoking nature in the therapy room.

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Somewhere along the way, I came across the words:

"Nature has never done you wrong" ...

When I heard that, I stopped for a moment and let it sink in. It took a moment but I found a space inside that agreed. I felt more spacious and open because of it.

When I go and find some trees or even the open space of the local common, if I can let go of the noise of the traffic in the distance, and let myself BE there, I feel it - more spacious and open.

Do you? You might want to find a place local to you and see how you feel. Leave your phone in your pocket or at home and just notice. What is it like to be there?

Nature doesn't ask anything of us and has never done us wrong. No time demands, no pressure to dress or look a certain way, no need to prove yourself.

Nature isn't speeding along. It's going at its own pace, which is much slower than we are used to living.

We too are nature. Heart beating, lungs breathing, belly digesting, we are nature. Something inside knows that I believe ...

So what does that have to do with therapy?

Firstly, the presence of nature, even in the therapy room can have a calming effect.

We can connect with something in nature has never done us wrong, that goes at a calming pace and that doesn't ask anything of us. We can do that while we are getting close to what is difficult or painful so that we can have a calming ally with us as we go along. The sense of a perfect animal or a supportive landscape that we can bring to ourselves through our remembering and imagining can give us a safe place to go as we process our pain.

This is resourcing.

Secondly, we can use imagery of nature to help us orient to and navigate the journey we are on as we heal through therapy.

What is the landscape we are looking at?

How do we need to go when the landscape looks steeper or more challenging?

What can we plant and cultivate that is more nourishing than what you have experienced so far?

What kind of animal would have been the perfect company in your situation back then?

What does that tell you about what you needed?

How about if we bring some of that to be with the young you back then?

All the while noticing how it feels within you.

Wishing you good company, Grace

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