Returning to in person sessions.

Updated: Mar 13

Here in Bristol we are getting ready to leave all restrictions in social contact behind and head back out into the world.

Many of us are feeling anxious about re-entering life that was normal for us over a year ago. Some are saying that they shouldn’t be feeling this way. And yet they do. This is a normal part of this process of coming back to life. Our rational brain tells us not to be silly while our more primitive brain is still shut down from the months of separation and restriction and wants us to stay that way.

This is why coming back to counselling in person is presenting a challenge for some. In the same way that people are feeling hesitant and unsure of how to be with people socially, the same goes for therapy sessions.

What better place than therapy however to move into social contact with the support and awareness that you need? Finding your way to feeling relaxed and open in company again. Knowing that part of us is stuck in patterns that we have picked up during lockdown and taking steps together to find our way out of it is an important part of returning to life as social beings.

This is relationship as much as anything. I am available for in person sessions to help you move into greater connection and relationship at a pace that you need and suits you, Grace

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