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Consent in therapy - what's that and why does it matter?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Learning about consent and, more importantly, living with it embedded in our bodies changes everything. It's that impactful. It's life changing. It's revolutionary.

Right now, I want to spend a moment with you about consent in therapy and what this approach can open us up to as we are healing.

So, what do I mean by consent?

Words that can be helpful in coming to a sense of consent are 'choice' and 'agreement'.

When we sit together in therapy, everything that we explore, any questions I may ask you, any suggestions I may make - it is your choice to follow my prompts or not.

It is your choice.

It is your choice.

It is your choice.

All of my input is an invitation. You are free to say yes or no.

In this moment, I would like to invite you to pause and see how the words 'It is your choice' and 'you are free to say yes or no' land in you ....

Land in you in a way that you might notice something change in your breathing or in the speed of your inner world. You might not notice anything and that's OK.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Including pausing right now.

In contrast, you might want to consider how you haven't had or felt choice in your life. It might go back to how you were made to sit still at school. How you couldn't wear those clothes you really wanted to wear, how you were made to behave and what would happen if you didn't. How stuff happened that led you to therapy years later ....

Back then you had no choice about what happened to you. You were not able to make agreements with others.

But here you can.

It is your choice.

It is your choice.

It is your choice.

Imagine what might shift if you began to know deep inside you that you could pause and find choice inside you. Choice that was right for you exactly as you are right now. And that you can find others who will receive you in that choice as you allow them their's.

It can take time AND it's possible.

I can help you with that ..... Grace

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