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Therapy for when you can't figure things out on your own.

Help with emotional pain or stuckness that is getting in the way of the life you want.  

For all areas of life including relationship and intimacy.

You're here because things are tough going at the moment or there's something you want to shift, right?  You've reached a point where you can't do this alone.  You're reaching out, even if it's hard to do. 


I know you're experiencing a range of things.  It might be:

  • a jumble of fear, insecurity, anxiety or feeling hypervigilant

  • a fog of numbness or depression, feeling checked out or apathetic

  • frustration, anger or feeling controlling and critical

  • not being able to stop rushing

  • feeling 'less than' or that we have to try extra hard with perfectionism or people pleasing

  • that there is grief that needs a safe place

  • that things have changed, that life has stopped fitting together and you don't know what to do about it

  • that things are going around in circles in your relationship

You know the impact it's having on your life, right? 

You might not know how to get to where you want to go but you don’t want things to stay as they are.

Connecting with your feelings and your nervous system state is the way forward .... 

As a therapist, I believe that paying attention to these feelings you are having or being curious about where emotion is lacking and experiencing what this are trying tell you is the way into healing and resolving what is holding you back.  

Once you are able to get clearer about what you are feeling and why and what you need, you can start to come to the world with a new experience of life, perhaps more fluent and open and with an inner smile. This might be at work, socially or in family and relationship.  You start to be in the driving seat of your own life.  

For people who feel like they know the story of their difficult childhood or other difficult things that have happened or are happening but haven't yet let go of what is keeping them stuck, working with your feelings and regulation of your nervous system offers resolution of what is holding them back.

You can find a life that is much happier and truer to who you are ....

You can find your way out of the life you feel stuck in or think you should be living into one that is much truer to who you are. 

Then you can live a more easeful, happy and fulfilled life both as yourself and with others.  

I might just be your person ....

If this resonates or you are curious, I might just be your person.  As a fully qualified, supervised and insured psychotherapist, I have alot of training and support behind me. I know that a better way for yourself and with others lies waiting for you. 


You need to know I am the safe pair of hands you are looking.  That is why I offer a free introductory session of up to an hour.  There we can find out if we are a good fit for each other before we go ahead with sessions proper.  Once we have decided to go ahead, sessions are weekly. 


Fees are for 60 minute sessions and cost £60 for individuals and £80 for couples.


Please be in touch for your free session or with any questions by using the contact button.   

Warmly, Grace​

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"Grace immediately recognised that something more would be needed in our dialogue. Not just a loving, supportive ear, but an active holding of the bigger story at play. With her gentle probing, out it came - an overwhelming despair that my physical body was almost unable to handle. What made the session so potent was her ever-loving, unshakeable presence on the screen. Her capacity to hold this grief with me and guide me through it, constantly calling me back to a safe place within myself. What the session left me with was a feeling that I could be free of an old, painful story that I'd convinced myself would always be true, that healing was possible, and she gave me tools & practices to begin that process. So Grace is the real deal. She's a master in this field because she's done her own work. She has held unbelievable presence for her own wounds and transformed herself through it. I HIGHLY recommend her as a therapist through any kind of personal growth work. She knows the questions to ask and how to navigate the answer, whether spoken or unspoken. You will be in good hands".  Courtenay


“I have known Grace professionally for over 25 years. During this time I have witnessed her work, development and growth, seen how she has truly plumbed the depths and has blossomed to find her voice and her freedom.


In her work she is able to marry the rare combination of insight and tenderness.  She works with the utmost integrity and I feel anybody working with her as a client would feel safe and very nurtured.  I would not hesitate to recommend Grace as a highly skilled and insightful therapist”. 

Alison, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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